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Polar Bears
Creations 4 Wildlife

Polar Bears


Our Polar Bear bracelet was inspired by the snowy habitat where the bears live and the arctic ice that is sadly melting away. This bracelet is made from white howlite and sponge blue quartz semi-precious stones. 

Profits from this bracelet will benefit polar bear conservation around the world.

Polar bears are dependent on the arctic sea ice for basically everything they need to survive. The sea ice is their home, a means of travel to find food and a mate, and where the bears raise their cubs. Climate change is melting the sea ice at an alarming rate. We need to change our environment and how we live on a daily basis so that the polar bears don't lose more of their home and so future generations can see these iconic animals roam free in their natural habitat.  

 *Polar Bear photo courtesy of Polar Bears International

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