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Creations 4 Wildlife



Our Panda bracelet was inspired by the characteristic colors of pandas and their affinity for bamboo. This bracelet is made from African green autumn jasper, white howlite and black onyx semi-precious stones. 

Profits from this bracelet will benefit panda conservation around the world.

Pandas are found exclusively in the bamboo forests of China and are highly regarded by China. So much so that all pandas are owned by China and on loan to other countries so that we may all learn about these unique animals. Bamboo, which is their favorite food, makes up 99% of the panda's diet. Not too long ago, pandas were considered endangered because of deforestation and human encroachment. Thanks to global conservation efforts pandas are now listed as threatened, but this doesn't mean that they don't need our help. 

*Panda photos by Mollie Rivera


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