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Our Story

Prior to starting Creations 4 Wildlife our young co-founder Dylan, then age 12, raised more than $3,500 for conservation. As Dylan continues to grow, so do his dreams of saving endangered species and changing the world. One project at a time just won’t do anymore, there are too many endangered species out there Dylan wants to help. While on vacation, Dylan and Michelle sat in their hotel room brainstorming of ways they could continue to raise money for their conservation efforts without asking friends and family for donations. When creativity and conservation came together, Creations 4 Wildlife was born.

Inspired by endangered species and their habitats, this mother and son team handcraft bracelets to help support causes they are passionate about. Every purchase gives Hope that these endangered species can be saved.

The mission of Creations 4 Wildlife first and foremost is to raise money for respected wildlife organizations. 20% of the net sales are donated to support wildlife conservation, education and outreach to help save endangered species. This is why the Michelle and Dylan started the company – not to make money, but to raise much needed awareness and funds for the protection and conservation of endangered species.

Working together on this conservation project with Dylan has reminded Michelle how important it is to never lose faith in your beliefs. “No matter what the obstacles may be, another poaching story in the news or hearing that there are now only 2 northern white rhinos left, you just keep going. Conservation is a way of life for us and I am confident that we can raise the funds and meet our goals.”

No question about it, this mother and son team are determined to make a difference for wildlife.