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Sea Turtles
Creations 4 Wildlife

Sea Turtles


Our Sea Turtle bracelet was inspired by the thousands of baby sea turtles who start their lives on the sand and make the inspirational journey to the big blue ocean. This bracelet is made from blue sodalite, green jasper and white jasper semi-precious stones.

Profits from this bracelet will benefit the Sea Turtle Conservancy and sea turtle conservation around the world.

There are seven recognized species of sea turtles who inhabit the world's oceans. From the day they are born, these air-breathing reptiles face obstacles from natural predators and increasing human conflict. Turtle nests are often raided for the eggs and hatchlings making their way to the ocean are often eaten by sea birds and crabs. For the lucky ones who make it to the open ocean, they now face threats of marine debris, pollution, wildlife trafficking, oil spills, and human consumption. Sadly, the Sea Turtle Conservancy estimates that only one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood. 

*Sea turtle hatchling photo: Ursula Dubrick, Sea turtle in the ocean photo: Ralph Pace 

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