A Special Christmas for a Special Sumatran Rhino

Delilah is about to celebrate her 1st Christmas and we want to make sure it’s a memorable one, so we decided to bring back our Berkat bracelet for the holidays. This limited edition bracelet sold out last month, raising $500 for Sumatran rhinos, and will only be back for a short time. All sales from the Berkat bracelet will support our partners at the International Rhino Foundation and benefit the Sumatran rhinos and the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary.

We think our bracelets make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift under the tree on Christmas morning!


Help make Delilah’s 1st Christmas extra special and order your Berkat barcelet today.





Creations 4 Wildlife is Coming to Australia

We are happy to announce that Creations 4 Wildlife will be teaming up with our friends at Rhino Horn Coffee in Australia to help save even more rhinos. After several months of following each other on social media, ordering some of their delicious coffee, and talking about the impact we can have working together, the time has come to make it happen.


Our Crash of Rhinos bracelet will soon be available to buy at Wild Timor Coffee Cafe in Australia. We will be sending our first shipment of bracelets out this week, so keep an eye out for them come mid-November. At this time we will be sending our most popular rhino bracelet, Crash of Rhinos. We still ship to Australia, so don’t worry if you are not close to a Wild Timor Coffee Cafe … but if you are, sit back and enjoy a cup of Rhino Horn Coffee, buy a bracelet from Creations 4 Wildlife and know that you made a difference in the life of a rhino!


Remember … No one in the world needs a rhino horn but a rhino!


Follow @rhinohorncoffee and @wildtimorcoffee to learn more about our new friends.



New Bracelet for Sumatran Rhinos!

When we learned that Ratu was expecting her second calf this spring, we knew that our next limited edition bracelet had to be for Sumatran rhinos. This couldn’t be just any bracelet, but something special … something unique. From the stones we chose to the name of the bracelet, every detail had to be just right. After all, it isn’t every day that a critically endangered rhino gives birth.

Creations 4 Wildlife is proud to release our second limited edition bracelet of the year in honor of Ratu and her soon-to-be bundle of joy. Berkat, which means “Blessing from God” in Bahasa, was inspired by the pure joy and love that new babies bring. A celebration of new life and new hope for the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. Berkat is made from a mixture of fancy jasper stones joined together with a silver heart that represents the love between a mother and child. This is a limited edition bracelet and only 50 will be made.


Ratu gave birth to her son Andatu in 2012, so the excitement of another baby after four long years calls for a celebration. Heck, it calls for a rhino baby shower! There are so many things needed to make sure that Ratu and her soon-to-be baby have everything they need and we want to do our part. Ratu’s Rhino Registry includes a maternity pen, baby food, medical supplies, new radio and tv equipment, and more.

Creations 4 Wildlife donates 40% of every rhino bracelet sold to the International Rhino Foundation and sales from this bracelet will go directly to Ratu’s needs. Berkat will be released to the public on March 20, 2016 (but you can buy it early with the link below) Help us make this best rhino baby shower ever for one of the world’s most critically endangered Sumatran rhinos and order your Berkat bracelet today!

A Baby Sumatran Rhino is Truly a Blessing From God