Lemurpalooza at Duke Lemur Center


Calling all lemur lovers, Lemurpalooza is only a week away! On Saturday, June 4th the Duke Lemur Center will be hosting a fun-filled evening where the public can come meet some special primates and learn about how we can help save these truly unique animals. This special evening experience allows families to stroll and view the animals at their own pace (Usually a visit to the center must be a guided tour.) During Lemurpalooza you can symbolically adopt lemurs, which raises funds to help care for the critically endangered animals at the Duke Lemur Center. Keepers and education staff will also be there to answer all questions about each animal that is up for adoption.

If we lived in the area, we would definitely be attending … but since we don’t we decided to support Lemurpalooza in our own way. Starting today through June 4, 2016 Creations 4 Wildlife will donate an additional $2 for every Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet sold. This is in addition to the 40% we already donate, which means that $12 of each lemur bracelet will go directly to lemur conservation!

Order your Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet today and help save lemurs!

Madagascar's Jewel


Visit the Duke Lemur Center website to learn more about Lemurpalooza and the lemurs of Madagascar.



Let’s Celebrate World Lemur Festival with $200 for Lemurs!


Why yes, yes you did!


The Duke Lemur Center won first place in the Creations 4 Wildlife Conservation Challenge and will be getting extra money for every lemur bracelet sold this month. Originally the additional donation was only during the challenge … However, we decided to keep the extra $3 per Madagascar’s Jewel sold going all month long.

We thought this was the perfect way to help celebrate World Lemur Festival and these amazing little primates! For an animal that only inhabits one small island in the entire world, the loss of lemurs would be a tragedy.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $200 for the Duke Lemur Center by October 31, 2015.

Our standard donation of 40% plus the additional $3 for winning the Conservation Challenge means that we only need to sell 15 lemur bracelets to reach our goal.

You can help by purchasing a Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet of your own – we think they make the perfect fall accessory.


Already have your Madagascar’s Jewel? No problem, share our lemur goal with your friends or better yet, surprise them with a Creations 4 Wildlife bracelet of their own!



Lemur photos by Mathias Appel


3-Day Conservation Challenge

One thing that has always been part of our conservation philosophy is to never turn down a challenge. To us, a challenge is one more way for Creations 4 Wildlife to help save endangered species, a way for us to really make a difference. To change things up a bit and make it fun we are going to challenge you, our customers, to make a difference for your favorite animal. You will decide which endangered species gets a little extra funding from Creations 4 Wildlife.

Here is how the challenge will work.

  • Conservation Challenge will run from Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11 (ending at midnight PST)
  • Every bracelet purchased will count as 1 (one) vote for your favorite animal (example: Boone bracelet = 1 vote for rhinos, Madagascar’s Jewel = 1 vote for lemurs, Serengeti Sunset = 1 vote for giraffes, etc)
  • Creations 4 Wildlife will post updates on social media so you can see who is in the lead and help your favorite animal win
  • Free shipping on all orders placed during the 3-day conservation challenge
  • The animal with the most votes at the end of the 3-day challenge will get an additional $3 for every bracelet sold, on top of the standard 40%, donated to their chosen organization.


So do you accept this challenge? Which is your favorite animal … Rhino, Tiger, Red Panda, Giraffe, or Lemur?

Order your bracelet now and let us know who your favorite endangered species is.



Creations 4 Wildlife is Featured on the Lemur Conservation Network Blog!

It all started when I wrote my last post, about “Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?” When my mom tweeted this post, the Lemur Conservation Network saw it and said “If you decide to do a lemur bracelet, we would love to interview Dylan.” Once we confirmed the lemur bracelet would benefit the Duke Lemur Center and the release date of October 1, we got sent a set of interview questions from the Lemur Conservation Network. I then sat down and answered the six questions from the email and sent my answers to them.

Once they received my answers, they did something amazing. They wrote an entire blog post about me and Creations 4 Wildlife on their website. They wrote a blog post about me … a kid who started everything with a wish, a wish to save animals.

Madagascar's Jewel

I had no idea that this one email would have such a great outcome for Creations 4 Wildlife. I would like to thank the Lemur Conservation Network for writing about my fundraising and our new business Creations 4 Wildlife. Madagascar’s Jewel is a special bracelet and I really appreciate the support we have received from the organizations we are fundraising for. I look forward to working more with the Lemur Conservation Network and the Duke Lemur Center. Who knows, we might even release a bracelet that is dedicated to a specific lemur species.

                                    NewdukeLogo high resolution     






Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?

When people think of the word lemur they think of a Ring-Tailed Lemur or Zomboomafoo, made popular by the Kratt brothers; but there are really over 50 different types of lemur. They all live on one small island, Madagascar. This island is home to an entire ecosystem revolving around lemurs. So few people truly know what a lemur really is. For instance, a lemur isn’t a monkey or an ape, a lemur is a Lemuriformes. In other words, a primate with an elongated snout and usually a long tail, only found on the small island of Madagascar. Like many animals some lemurs, including the Bamboo Lemur and the Sifaka are endangered.

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