Pride of Africa

At one time, lions truly were king. They ruled the African plains and had no real enemies or predators to speak of. Sure, the solitary lion or the old and weak lion would fall prey to other animals, but as a group, lions were top of the food chain. Over the past 75 years, African lion populations have declined by almost 90% and lions have disappeared from almost 80% of their historic range. This is a direct result of humans – we have become the lion main predator. Habitat loss, human-lion conflict, trophy hunting, and the illegal wildlife trade have left only a few thousand lions roaming wild in Africa. Lions are now protected under the Endangered Species Act … but could it be too late? We hope not.

We are happy to announce the release of our newest bracelet … Pride of Africa


Inspired by the lions, both young and old, who join together to form a pride. The social structure of the pride is represented with larger beads surrounding the smaller ones, just as the females protect their young. This bracelet is made from picture and wood jasper semi-precious stones.

Profits from these bracelets will benefit Ewaso Lions. To learn more about Ewaso Lions and their work with lion conservation in Africa, read Helping Save the African Lions or visit