Our Pangolin Passion Bracelet Helps Save Pangolins

Creations 4 Wildlife recently released the first of four limited edition bracelets for 2016. Pangolin Passion was created to help save the world’s most trafficked mammal – the pangolin. They have been hunted almost to extinction because of mythical beliefs that their scales have medicinal value.
Pangolin scales cannot cure anything, nor should they be listed on any menu as a ‘delicacy’.


Creations 4 Wildlife hopes to do our part to help save the pangolin by raising $500 from our Limited Edition Pangolin Passion bracelet. Only 50 bracelets were made, making this bracelet almost as rare as the pangolins we are trying to save with it.

Forty percent from every pangolin bracelet sold will go directly to the pangolin program to support WildAid’s initiatives to reduce the demand for pangolin products.

When the buying stops, the killing can too.

Help us help the pangolins and order your Pangolin Passion bracelet today!

Still not sure what a pangolin is? That’s ok, not many people do. Thankfully WildAid created this wonderful video to teach people about the pangolin.

March of the Pangolins from WildAid on Vimeo.

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