Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?

When people think of the word lemur they think of a Ring-Tailed Lemur or Zomboomafoo, made popular by the Kratt brothers; but there are really over 50 different types of lemur. They all live on one small island, Madagascar. This island is home to an entire ecosystem revolving around lemurs. So few people truly know what a lemur really is. For instance, a lemur isn’t a monkey or an ape, a lemur is a Lemuriformes. In other words, a primate with an elongated snout and usually a long tail, only found on the small island of Madagascar. Like many animals some lemurs, including the Bamboo Lemur and the Sifaka are endangered.


Lemurs are facing one of the most common causes of extinction besides poaching and that is deforestation. They are also sometimes hunted for bush meat. For an animal that only inhabits one small island in the entire world, this loss would be a tragedy. I think we need to help the lemurs.

Who knows, our next bracelet might be for lemurs. So what do you think?
Does this species need Creations 4 Wildlife’s help?
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Photo Credit: Michelle Fryer

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