Creations 4 Wildlife is Featured on the Lemur Conservation Network Blog!

It all started when I wrote my last post, about “Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?” When my mom tweeted this post, the Lemur Conservation Network saw it and said “If you decide to do a lemur bracelet, we would love to interview Dylan.” Once we confirmed the lemur bracelet would benefit the Duke Lemur Center and the release date of October 1, we got sent a set of interview questions from the Lemur Conservation Network. I then sat down and answered the six questions from the email and sent my answers to them.

Once they received my answers, they did something amazing. They wrote an entire blog post about me and Creations 4 Wildlife on their website. They wrote a blog post about me … a kid who started everything with a wish, a wish to save animals.

Madagascar's Jewel

I had no idea that this one email would have such a great outcome for Creations 4 Wildlife. I would like to thank the Lemur Conservation Network for writing about my fundraising and our new business Creations 4 Wildlife. Madagascar’s Jewel is a special bracelet and I really appreciate the support we have received from the organizations we are fundraising for. I look forward to working more with the Lemur Conservation Network and the Duke Lemur Center. Who knows, we might even release a bracelet that is dedicated to a specific lemur species.

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