World Giraffe Day 2016

World Giraffe Day is just around the corner and Creations 4 Wildlife is willing to stick our necks out to help save the world’s tallest animal. We were so excited to hear that our friends at the Giraffe Conservation Foundation had chosen putting people at the center of giraffe conservation as the campaign for World Giraffe Day 2016. Working together with the people of Africa, especially the children, is the type of conservation work we love to support. These children are the future. We must teach them how important it is to save the animals like the giraffes for many generations to come.

giraffe-walkin-gcfPhoto credit: Julian Fennessy, Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Giraffe Conservation Foundation believes that Environmental Education at an early age is the key. The Khomas Environmental Education Programme (KEEP) aims to inspires young Namibians to care for their environment. Through a targeted hands-on field-based programme, KEEP provides them with the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Teaching young Namibians about their environment is essential for the conservation of giraffe and their habitat. KEEP helps to build a culture of environmental awareness by teaching social responsibility and conscientious action amongst young Africans and future leaders. – Stephanie Fennessy, GCF

Our Africa’s Watchtower bracelet was inspired by the towers of giraffes who walk across the African plains. Their long necks make it appear as though giraffes heads are in the clouds, giving them the best view of Africa.

Giraffes are truly icons of Africa. They are found no place else on earth, only in Africa. Standing tall with pride, these gentle animals spend their days walking across the plains. The giraffe is an integral part of the African ecosystem and sadly they are disappearing at alarming rates.

Creations 4 Wildlife wants to help teach and inspire the children of Namibia by raising a minimum of $250 for World Giraffe Day.
That is only 25 Africa’s Watchtower bracelets.


Here is a breakdown from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation of what $250 could buy.

  • $15 could support an exciting and interactive day in the bush for a Namibian student
  • $25 could pay for batteries for GPS equipment to monitor giraffe and their movements in the wild
  • $50 could provide KEEP workbooks and certificates for an entire school class
  • $100 could provide a healthy lunch for an entire school class during their field outing or pay for a pair of binoculars to monitor giraffe and their movements
  • $250 could provide transport for a school class to spend a day in the bush with KEEP or pay a month’s salary of a local Kenyan field ranger to monitor giraffe and their movements
  • $300 could pay for a camera trap including batteries and SD cards to monitor giraffe and their movements in the wild
  • $1,000 could support fitting a GPS satellite collar to a reticulated giraffe in northern Kenya
  • $2,500 could pay for one GPS satellite collar to monitor reticulated giraffe movements remotely including download time


Children want to learn, they want to make a difference … all they need is to be given the opportunity.
Order your Africa’s Watchtower bracelet today and help save Africa’s giraffes.


Lemurpalooza at Duke Lemur Center


Calling all lemur lovers, Lemurpalooza is only a week away! On Saturday, June 4th the Duke Lemur Center will be hosting a fun-filled evening where the public can come meet some special primates and learn about how we can help save these truly unique animals. This special evening experience allows families to stroll and view the animals at their own pace (Usually a visit to the center must be a guided tour.) During Lemurpalooza you can symbolically adopt lemurs, which raises funds to help care for the critically endangered animals at the Duke Lemur Center. Keepers and education staff will also be there to answer all questions about each animal that is up for adoption.

If we lived in the area, we would definitely be attending … but since we don’t we decided to support Lemurpalooza in our own way. Starting today through June 4, 2016 Creations 4 Wildlife will donate an additional $2 for every Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet sold. This is in addition to the 40% we already donate, which means that $12 of each lemur bracelet will go directly to lemur conservation!

Order your Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet today and help save lemurs!

Madagascar's Jewel


Visit the Duke Lemur Center website to learn more about Lemurpalooza and the lemurs of Madagascar.



Giving Species Hope for Another Tomorrow


This Friday is Endangered Species Day and we have some exciting things planned to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species. Over the next three days we will be sharing animals facts and wildlife photos on our social media channels that will bring attention to the plight of many endangered species. We will also be hosting a special giveaway on Instagram for all of the giraffe lovers.

In addition, as a way to show our appreciation and say Thank You, we will be holding a fun contest where the winning nonprofit organization will receive an additional $100 donation from Creations 4 Wildlife!

$100 ESD FB (1)

The contest will run from Thursday, May 19 through Saturday, May 21, 2016. Every bracelet that is sold during the contest counts as one vote. Example: for every rhino bracelet sold, the International Rhino Foundation will receive one vote; for every elephant bracelet sold, Save the Elephants receives one vote and so on. We will tally the votes on Sunday, May 22, 2016 and announce the winner on our Facebook page. You will determine which endangered species wins the contest based on which bracelets are purchased during the three days.

Be sure to share the Creations 4 Wildlife Endangered Species Day contest on social media and tell your friends to cast their vote too. The more votes your favorite nonprofit receives, the better chance they have of winning the $100!

The contest is open to all US and Canada residents. Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship overseas due to high shipping costs.

Shop now and help your favorite endangered species win $100!

When you shop with us, we donate 40% of every sale to designated wildlife organizations working in the field. Your purchase gives hope that these endangered species can be saved.

Earth Day Challenge to Save Pangolins

Join our ‪Earth Day‬ challenge and help us raise the last $200 for WildAid’s pangolin campaign. We have already raised $300 and we are only 20 bracelets short to make our goal of $500. Our pangolin bracelet was the first limited edition bracelet of 2016 and we only 50 were made. We have 3 days to make this happen … Earth Day is this Friday, April 22.


Help protect the earth’s most illegally trafficked mammal by ordering your Pangolin Passion bracelet today.


Our Pangolin Passion Bracelet Helps Save Pangolins

Creations 4 Wildlife recently released the first of four limited edition bracelets for 2016. Pangolin Passion was created to help save the world’s most trafficked mammal – the pangolin. They have been hunted almost to extinction because of mythical beliefs that their scales have medicinal value.
Pangolin scales cannot cure anything, nor should they be listed on any menu as a ‘delicacy’.


Creations 4 Wildlife hopes to do our part to help save the pangolin by raising $500 from our Limited Edition Pangolin Passion bracelet. Only 50 bracelets were made, making this bracelet almost as rare as the pangolins we are trying to save with it.

Forty percent from every pangolin bracelet sold will go directly to the pangolin program to support WildAid’s initiatives to reduce the demand for pangolin products.

When the buying stops, the killing can too.

Help us help the pangolins and order your Pangolin Passion bracelet today!

Still not sure what a pangolin is? That’s ok, not many people do. Thankfully WildAid created this wonderful video to teach people about the pangolin.

March of the Pangolins from WildAid on Vimeo.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015!

This has been an unforgettable year for us and we have you, our wonderful customers, to thank for the success we have had as a new business. Your support means the world to us and we would like to thank you for supporting Creations 4 Wildlife and our mission to help save endangered species one bracelet at a time!


In the past 5 months we have raised $1200 for conservation … This is truly amazing! Every bracelet sold counts and helps us give back to the organizations who are working on a daily basis to save these animals.  We are so blessed that our creativity can help save endangered species and give them hope for another tomorrow.

What Creations 4 Wildlife funded in 2015

New things are coming in 2016 … including limited edition bracelets, new packaging, special VIP offers and more. We are excited to share our journey with you and wish you all a Happy New Year!



Celebrate Gifts That Give Back

Creations 4 Wildlife was built on our beliefs of giving back to the organizations who are fighting to end extinction. We are passionate about the causes we choose to support and believe that giving back is the least we can do to help save endangered species. Creations for Wildife is not about big profits in our pockets, but about giving big to conservation. While many businesses are advertising 1-day savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are thinking about how we can give back more. This is our first holiday season and we want to establish a company policy of giving for the holidays. Therefore, Creations for Wildlife will not be taking part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Creations 4 Wildlife will be participating in #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015.  A global day dedicated to giving back and making a difference. Our Giving Tuesday campaign this year is to raise $500 for endangered species. We truly believe that we can do this … One bracelet at a time. Please join us on December 1 in giving back to help save endangered species.

Giving Tuesday Promo

Celebrate the gifts that give back … 40% from every bracelet sold is donated to a cause. International Rhino Foundation, Red Panda Network, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Duke Lemur Center, Tiger Conservation Campaign, and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Which endangered species will you give back to this #GivingTuesday?



Let’s Celebrate World Lemur Festival with $200 for Lemurs!


Why yes, yes you did!


The Duke Lemur Center won first place in the Creations 4 Wildlife Conservation Challenge and will be getting extra money for every lemur bracelet sold this month. Originally the additional donation was only during the challenge … However, we decided to keep the extra $3 per Madagascar’s Jewel sold going all month long.

We thought this was the perfect way to help celebrate World Lemur Festival and these amazing little primates! For an animal that only inhabits one small island in the entire world, the loss of lemurs would be a tragedy.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $200 for the Duke Lemur Center by October 31, 2015.

Our standard donation of 40% plus the additional $3 for winning the Conservation Challenge means that we only need to sell 15 lemur bracelets to reach our goal.

You can help by purchasing a Madagascar’s Jewel bracelet of your own – we think they make the perfect fall accessory.


Already have your Madagascar’s Jewel? No problem, share our lemur goal with your friends or better yet, surprise them with a Creations 4 Wildlife bracelet of their own!



Lemur photos by Mathias Appel


3-Day Conservation Challenge

One thing that has always been part of our conservation philosophy is to never turn down a challenge. To us, a challenge is one more way for Creations 4 Wildlife to help save endangered species, a way for us to really make a difference. To change things up a bit and make it fun we are going to challenge you, our customers, to make a difference for your favorite animal. You will decide which endangered species gets a little extra funding from Creations 4 Wildlife.

Here is how the challenge will work.

  • Conservation Challenge will run from Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11 (ending at midnight PST)
  • Every bracelet purchased will count as 1 (one) vote for your favorite animal (example: Boone bracelet = 1 vote for rhinos, Madagascar’s Jewel = 1 vote for lemurs, Serengeti Sunset = 1 vote for giraffes, etc)
  • Creations 4 Wildlife will post updates on social media so you can see who is in the lead and help your favorite animal win
  • Free shipping on all orders placed during the 3-day conservation challenge
  • The animal with the most votes at the end of the 3-day challenge will get an additional $3 for every bracelet sold, on top of the standard 40%, donated to their chosen organization.


So do you accept this challenge? Which is your favorite animal … Rhino, Tiger, Red Panda, Giraffe, or Lemur?

Order your bracelet now and let us know who your favorite endangered species is.



Creations 4 Wildlife is Featured on the Lemur Conservation Network Blog!

It all started when I wrote my last post, about “Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?” When my mom tweeted this post, the Lemur Conservation Network saw it and said “If you decide to do a lemur bracelet, we would love to interview Dylan.” Once we confirmed the lemur bracelet would benefit the Duke Lemur Center and the release date of October 1, we got sent a set of interview questions from the Lemur Conservation Network. I then sat down and answered the six questions from the email and sent my answers to them.

Once they received my answers, they did something amazing. They wrote an entire blog post about me and Creations 4 Wildlife on their website. They wrote a blog post about me … a kid who started everything with a wish, a wish to save animals.

Madagascar's Jewel

I had no idea that this one email would have such a great outcome for Creations 4 Wildlife. I would like to thank the Lemur Conservation Network for writing about my fundraising and our new business Creations 4 Wildlife. Madagascar’s Jewel is a special bracelet and I really appreciate the support we have received from the organizations we are fundraising for. I look forward to working more with the Lemur Conservation Network and the Duke Lemur Center. Who knows, we might even release a bracelet that is dedicated to a specific lemur species.

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