Endangered Species Day Contest

Endangered Species Day is this Friday, May 19th and we are excited to announce that we are hosting our Endangered Species Day Contest again this year! Along with creating awareness and promoting conservation, we decided that Endangered Species Day was the perfect time to say thank you and show our appreciation to all the wonderful nonprofits we work with.

Our contest will run similar to last year, starting on Thursday, May 18 and running through Sunday, May 21 … the winning nonprofit will receive an additional $100 from Creations 4 Wildlife.

The way it works is simple. For every bracelet sold during the contest, the correlating nonprofit will receive one vote. We will tally the votes on Sunday evening and announce the winner through our social media channels on Monday.

You will determine which endangered species wins the contest based on which bracelets are purchased during the four day contest. We know choosing just one will be a tough choice because we think they are all #WorthMoreAlive!

$100 ESD 2017 FB

Shop now and cast your vote!

Be sure to share the Creations 4 Wildlife Endangered Species Day contest on social media and tell your friends to cast their vote too. The more votes your favorite nonprofit receives, the better chance they have of winning the $100!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook  as we spotlight each endangered species we support and to keep up with who is in first place.


Creations 4 Wildlife is saving more pangolins

We are kicking off 2017 with the rerelease of our Pangolin bracelet! These animals are continuing to disappear at alarming rates and need our help to create awareness and raise much needed funds. Therefore, we decided to bring back our Pangolin bracelet, not as a limited edition, but as part of our permanent collection.


Inspired by the unique keratin scales of the pangolin and their habitat, this bracelet is made from Chinese rainbow jasper and unakite. The silver bead represents the strength of the pangolin when they curl up into a ball. Profits from this bracelet will benefit WildAid’s pangolin program and support initiatives to reduce the demand for pangolin products.

Available now in our online store

To learn more about the world’s most trafficked wild mammal, visit the WildAid website.



How Creations 4 Wildlife Made a Difference in 2016

What an amazing year 2016 was for Creations 4 Wildlife! New friends, new partnerships, new adventures … and we have you, our fabulous customers, to thank for the success we have had in our first year of business. Your overwhelming support has inspired us to design new bracelets and create new partnerships so that we can continue giving hope to endangered species all over the world.

To date, we have raised $10,798 for wildlife conservation! Every bracelet sold counts and helps us give back to the organizations who are working on a daily basis to save these animals. We are so blessed that our creativity can help save endangered species and give them hope for another tomorrow.


How Creations 4 Wildlife made a difference in 2016

  • $2,000 raised for the International Rhino Foundation to help support the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, Indian Rhino Vision 2020 and Operation: Stop Poaching Now
  • $1,300 raised for the Red Panda Network to support on the ground preservation efforts and sponsor two Forest Guardians and their families for a year.
  • $1,177 raised for the Sea Turtle Conservancy to support the Florida In-Water Project
  • $1,000 raised for the Okapi Conservation Project to support okapi conservation in the Ituri forest – Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • $840 raised for Save the Elephants
  • $730 raised for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
  • $500 raised for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation
  • $430 raised for WildAid’s pangolin conservation campaign
  • $400 raised for the Snow Leopard Trust
  • $350 raised for WildAid’s tiger conservation campaign
  • $300 raised for Ewaso Lions

Thank you for a wonderful year!

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