Creations 4 Wildlife Has a New Look!

Creations 4 Wildlife has a new look this year and we are excited to share a sneak peek of the packaging design with you. This is phase 1 of the redesign and we think you will love it as much as we do. Now all Creations 4 Wildlife bracelets will ship out in these small brown kraft pillow boxes, perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Best part is it’s made from recycled materials!

Just one more way we are bringing creativity and conservation together.


We Must Protect the Pangolin

Pangolins may not be the most common animal and many people may not even know what a pangolin is, but that doesn’t mean that their endangered status is any less important. As I have said before, I believe education and awareness are the cornerstones of conservation. The pangolin is the worlds most trafficked mammal. They have been hunted almost to extinction because of mythical beliefs that their scales have medicinal value. Pangolin meat is also considered a delicacy in China and Vietnam.

pangolin - endangered species - san diego zoo -

Baba, pictured above,  is tree pangolin from Central Africa. Pangolins are mammals with strong muscles in their limbs and a prehensile tail that live along the edges of the rain forest. Pangolins have sharp claws to help them dig, which you can see in this photo as Baba so gently digs into the keepers arm. They have a very good sense of smell to help them find ants, termites, and beetle larvae – the pangolins main diet. Since they do not eat anything that requires teeth, pangolins have no teeth. Instead, they have a long tongue that can be up to 10″ long – that’s one big tongue capable of lapping up lots of ants and termites.

pangolin - endangered species - san diego zoo - keratin scales

Pangolins are covered in hard scales that resemble a pine cone. These scales are used for protection. When the pangolin feels threatened, they will roll up into a ball (similar to an armadillo) and the scales act as armor. Sounds great right? Well, the drawback is these scales are made of keratin and like the rhino’s horn, the pangolin is hunted by poachers for this and other things. Pangolin skin is used for making boots, much like a snake skin boot and some still believe that the scales will ward off evil spirits.

There are eight species of pangolin – four in Africa and four in Asia. All eight species are threatened with extinction, some worse than others with a status of critically endangered. The IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Pangolin Specialist Group estimates that more than one million individuals are believed to have been taken from the wild over the past decade.

We believe that the best way to help save the pangolins from becoming extinct in our lifetime is to educate people about the illegal wildlife trade. When people stop buying the products, there will be no demand and the killing can stop too.



One Bracelet Helps Save Five Rhino Species

Did you know that our Crash of Rhinos bracelet benefits all five remaining species of ‪rhinos‬? That’s right, all five of them … Black rhinos, Sumatran rhinos, Greater One-horned rhinos, Javan rhinos, and White rhinos. 40% of every rhino bracelet sold is donated to the International Rhino Foundation and designated for various conservation programs that they are currently working on. Each time we send in a donation, we specify a different program to make sure that all species are being supported.

Customers have been asking us to make special bracelets for specific rhino species. We love the enthusiasm for rhinos and rhino conservation, which is why we designed our Crash of Rhinos bracelet with all five species in mind.

Crash of Rhinos Bracelet

Inspired by Team Rhino and the strength of working together.
The multi-colored stones represent the five remaining species of rhino.

No matter what your favorite species of rhino is, this bracelet will be a wonderful conversation starter about the plight of the rhino and how we can all help save them by supporting organizations like the International Rhino Foundation.