In Loving Memory of Nola

The loss of Nola is something that we will never quite get over. She was more than a rhino, she was a symbol of hope for her species. Her loss was felt worldwide by people of all ages and many tears were shed for her. We all loved Nola and we will all miss her. At the request of one of Nola’s keepers, we decided to bring back our Limited Edition Nola bracelet‬. The Nola bracelet will now be part of our regular collection and help raise funds for rhino conservation. ‪


We chose to bring back this treasured bracelet as a way to honor sweet Nola … who will forever be in our hearts.



Proceeds from the Nola bracelet will benefit the International Rhino Foundation.



Celebrate Gifts That Give Back

Creations 4 Wildlife was built on our beliefs of giving back to the organizations who are fighting to end extinction. We are passionate about the causes we choose to support and believe that giving back is the least we can do to help save endangered species. Creations for Wildife is not about big profits in our pockets, but about giving big to conservation. While many businesses are advertising 1-day savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are thinking about how we can give back more. This is our first holiday season and we want to establish a company policy of giving for the holidays. Therefore, Creations for Wildlife will not be taking part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Creations 4 Wildlife will be participating in #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015.  A global day dedicated to giving back and making a difference. Our Giving Tuesday campaign this year is to raise $500 for endangered species. We truly believe that we can do this … One bracelet at a time. Please join us on December 1 in giving back to help save endangered species.

Giving Tuesday Promo

Celebrate the gifts that give back … 40% from every bracelet sold is donated to a cause. International Rhino Foundation, Red Panda Network, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Duke Lemur Center, Tiger Conservation Campaign, and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Which endangered species will you give back to this #GivingTuesday?



International Shipping Coming Soon!

Nothing makes us happier then knowing people all over the world want to buy our bracelets. We have received several emails and customers in Europe and Australia who want our bracelets have contacted us on Instagram and Twitter. Keeping the shipping cost down is important to us because we know that you would much rather have your dollars go to the wildlife organizations we are helping.

International shipping through the USPS is a low cost option, however, this method does not offer any tracking or guarantee that your bracelets arrived safely. Tracking and delivery confirmation are also important to us.  We are currently looking into our options and hope to have International shipping available in time for the holidays.

intnl shipping



Creations 4 Wildlife partners with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Deciding to create a bracelet for elephants was the easy part. Choosing what organization to support … well, that was the hard part. We know elephants are an iconic animal that are at risk of disappearing from the planet, an animal that is poached every 15 minutes for the ivory tusks found only on their bodies, an animal that must be saved.


There are many wonderful organizations doing great work around the world to help the elephants. Some are more well known than others, but we were looking for something unique. A boots on the ground organization that would help the next generation of elephants, while creating awareness for the plight of the elephants who are dying. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was a perfect match for us. Many of the elephants killed leave behind a calf, a calf who is now an orphan. Fostering the calves left behind and reintegrating them into wild herds is one way to ensure the survival of the species. These orphans have little chance of survival without the help of organizations like The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and the keepers who dedicate their lives to the Orphan Project.

Creations 4 Wildlife is proud to partner with DSWT and help give these orphans a second chance. Through the sale of our Elephant Haven bracelet, we will raisie funds to help foster as many orphan elephants as we can. Ivory should not be a trinket … We believe ivory belongs to the elephants and no one else.