Elephants: The Gentle Giants of Africa

It is no secret that elephants are in trouble. We see it on the news with highly publicized ivory burns and the recent passing of AB 96, the bill to ban ivory and rhino horn sales in California … we know ivory belongs to the elephant, so why do 96 elephants have to die every day? The increased media and public awareness should mean that these numbers are getting smaller, but they are not. In fact, the number of elepant orphans is growing every day.

Nairobi orphans

Whether you have seen a baby elephant in real life or watched Dumbo with your children, you know how difficult it is to see a tiny elephant and not smile. Thinking of these two Nairobi orphans pictured above without their mom is nothing short of heart breaking. Poaching and human/wildlife conflict are two of the main reasons for the rise in elephant orphans. Read More →

Creations 4 Wildlife joins #TeamRhino

As long time supporters of the International Rhino Foundation, we are very excited to announce that Creations 4 Wildlife has joined #TeamRhino as an official Artist Partner. We are honored to be featured with other artists who are using their creativity to create awareness and raise funds for rhino conservation. To say we are excited about this new partnership would be an understatement.

But wait, there’s more …

We also had a goal to raise $400 for IRF from the sales of our rhino bracelets by September 30.  Thanks to our amazing customers, we met that goal a week ahead of schedule … ironically on World Rhino Day. The funds will be donated to the International Rhino Foundation and designated toward one of their ‘boots on the ground’ rhino conservation programs. For more information on what IRF is doing to help save rhinos, you can visit the new rhinos.org





World Rhino Day Challenge

World Rhino Day is almost here! Can you believe it? All the excitement and anticipation that has been growing around the world for these beautiful animals is about to get even bigger. Social media will be filled with tweets and pictures of rhinos from all over the world. #WorldRhinoDay will be trending and heartstrings will be pulled as more people learn about the devastating number of rhinos that we have lost this year. Rhino lovers all over will unite as one and become part of #TeamRhino. This is our day to show the world that we care about the remaining 5 species of rhinos and create awareness so that we don’t have to see any more species go extinct.

Since starting Creations 4 Wildlife, only two short months ago, we have already raised $256 for the International Rhino Foundation. This is wonderful and we have you to thank! Our Boone and Crash of Rhinos bracelets have been well liked by our customers and sales continue every day, but we want to give even more to IRF.

Creations 4 Wildlife wants to give $400 to the International Rhino Foundation at the end of September. We can’t think of a better way to say thank you for all the hard work IRF does. We know that we can count on you to help spread the word about our rhino bracelets … Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest …
Together we can help save the rhino.

40% of every bracelet sold will be donated to the International Rhino Foundation

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