Do Lemurs Need Creations 4 Wildlife’s Help?

When people think of the word lemur they think of a Ring-Tailed Lemur or Zomboomafoo, made popular by the Kratt brothers; but there are really over 50 different types of lemur. They all live on one small island, Madagascar. This island is home to an entire ecosystem revolving around lemurs. So few people truly know what a lemur really is. For instance, a lemur isn’t a monkey or an ape, a lemur is a Lemuriformes. In other words, a primate with an elongated snout and usually a long tail, only found on the small island of Madagascar. Like many animals some lemurs, including the Bamboo Lemur and the Sifaka are endangered.

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New ‘Boone the Rhino’ Bracelet!

On August 18, 2015 we launched a new bracelet in honor of Boone the Rhino. Boone is a black rhino who currently lives at the San Francisco Zoo and has become quite the twitter sensation – creating awareness for rhino conservation and sharing his love of sticks and apples with the world in 140 characters or less. Most people have only known Boone a short time, but we have known him since birth when he was at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This makes Boone even more special to us.

It only seemed fitting to share our love of Boone by designing a bracelet with all of his favorite things. Sticks, leaves, apples, and a foobler ball. What better way to support the International Rhino Foundation and #TeamRhino …

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Why I switched gears and started Creations 4 Wildlife

I started raising money for global organizations after I met an inspiring man named Chief Woody from the US Fish & Wildlife Services and a special animal named Nola. That’s when I realized that, yes raising $1000 for the tigers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is good, or that raising another $1000 for snow leopards at the San Diego Zoo is even better. It helps raise awareness; but I’ve now realized that it’s not only about raising awareness, it’s also about making a difference. You can’t just tell everyone you know about this great species you’re raising money for and then not make a difference in the wild.

You’ve got to do both.

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The Compassion and Determination of a Child


I am compassionate and determined
I wonder will poaching ever stop
I hear animal calls
I see me saving animals
I want to stop all poaching
I am compassionate and determined

I pretend animals will always live in peace
I feel for animals losses
I touch the hands of many future conservationists
I worry poaching may never stop
I cry for the animals faced with poachers
I am compassionate and determined

I understand I’m going against the odds
I say I’m doing what’s right
I dream of a better world
I try to stop the madness
I hope I will reach my goals
I am compassionate and determined

“I am”

By: Dylan Fryer, age 11